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Keep your Mac's Downloads folder clean and your files organised with inbetweenbox.

Organised Automatically (No Tagging Required)

inbetweenbox automatically categorises files by their kind as soon as you import them, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for without having to do anything.

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Folders ... Smart ones and Watched ones

Group common files together using folders, or have inbetweenbox do all of the hard work for you with Smart Folders. Smart Folders automatically find and organize files in your library by their type or subject matter and automatically update when files are imported and exported from your inbetweenbox library.

inbetweenbox can also watch folders on your Mac for new files (such as your downloads folder). When new files are added to a Watched Folder, they are imported automatically into your inbetweenbox library. It is even smart enough to leave your files alone until they have finished downloading.

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Works Great with your Mac

You can easily Open, QuickLook and rename files that are in inbetweenbox, and exporting files is just as easy as importing them.

Support for the latest OS X features including Notification Center, Sharing and Full Screen Window.

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  • Move or Copy files to your inbetweenbox library
  • Open, Quick Look and Rename files from within inbetweenbox
  • Lighting fast searching using our custom library indexing system
  • Create Folders to group files together
  • Save common searches as Smart Folders, and see the results update automatically
  • Set up Folder Watchers so inbetweenbox can watch the contents of specified folders on your Mac. inbetweenbox will then automatically import files when they are added to these Watched Folders.


  • OS X Yosemite or later
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