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Actionify is a clean, simple and efficient Task Manager inspired by Getting Things Done™ (GTD). It has been designed to free your mind by organizing your Tasks for you.

Keep Focus

Actionify automatically categorizes all your Tasks into Focus Lists to help you stay on top of your work load. Focus Lists allow you to see quickly which Tasks you need to do today, which Tasks are scheduled for the future and much much more, regardless of what Project or Area a Task belongs to. Focus Lists are automatically updated for you by Actionify, so you don't even have to think about it.

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Clean, Simple and Efficient

Actionify's interface has been designed to be simple, clean and intuitive to use. Even though Actionify is GTD inspired, it doesn't force you to work one way or another. Actionify allows you to bulk Move, Schedule, Assign, Complete and Cancel Tasks, or if you prefer you can deal with them one by one.

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Built for Work and Play

Whether you need to manage a complex project or arrange a children's party, Actionify can help you organize your Tasks to allow you more time to actually do them. Use Projects and Areas to group Tasks together and add due dates to make sure you prioritise time sensitive Tasks.

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Cloud Sync with Added Collaboration

Actionify offers a Cloud Sync Subscription service to keep all of your Tasks in sync across all of your iOS and OS X devices.

All subscribers can share Projects and Areas with other Actionify Cloud Sync Subscribers.

Actionify Subscription is just £2.99 a month. For more information regarding the subscription service please visit our FAQs.

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  • Organise your Tasks using Projects and Areas
  • Smart Focus Lists
  • Bulk Move, Schedule, Assign, Complete and Cancel Tasks
  • Set Start Date and Due Dates for Tasks

Subscription Features

  • Sync Tasks between all of your iOS and OS X devices
  • Share Projects and Areas with other Actionify Cloud Subscribers
  • Delegate Tasks to Friends, Family Members and Colleagues


  • iOS 8.0 or later
  • Subscription Required for Sync and Collaboration
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